Shawn E. Klein, PhDThe Sports Ethicist is Shawn E. Klein, PhD. I am a philosopher specializing in ethics, popular culture, and the philosophy of sport. I have a MA and Ph.D in Philosophy from Arizona State University — where I am currently a philosophy lecturer. I co-edited and contributed to Harry Potter and Philosophy  and Steve Jobs and Philosophy from Open Court Publishing. Most recently, I edited Defining Sport: Conceptions and Borderlines, the first book in  _Studies in the Philosophy of Sport_ a book series from Lexington Books for which I am the general editor.


I also have a personal blog at PhilosophyBlog. You can email me at sportsethicist@gmail.com.

ASU Philosophy has an Applied Philosophy Blog.

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My Books:

Defining Sport: Conceptions and Borderlines (Studies in Philosophy of Sport)

Steve Jobs and Philosophy: For Those Who Think Different

Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts

I am a fan of all things Boston sports.

Boston Red Sox

New England Patriots

Boston Bruins

Boston Celtics

New England Revolution

Liverpool FC (Though not a Boston team, they are owned by the Red Sox ownership)

A 2008 promotional video for the first version of Sports Ethics: