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Philosophy of Sport books

Sport Ethics books

Academic Journals in Philosophy of Sport

Journal of the Philosophy of Sport

Sports, Ethics and Philosophy

Philosophy of Sport Essential Bibliography:

Textbooks and Anthologies

Sports Ethics: An Anthology Edited by Jan Boxhill

Philosophy of Sport: Critical Readings, Crucial Issues Edited by M. Andrew Holowchak

Practical Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity – 2nd Edition by R. Scott Kretchmar

Ethics in Sport – 2nd Edition Edited by William Morgan

Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport (Elements of Philosophy) by Heather Reid

Philosophy of Sport: Key Questions by Emily Ryall

Fair Play: The Ethics of Sport by Robert Simon

Classic Works

Man, Play and Games by Roger Caillois

Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play-Element in Culture by Johan Huizinga

The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia by Bernard Suits

The Bloomsbury Companion to The Philosophy of Sport, edited by Cesar R. Torres

Sport: A Philosophical Inquiry by Paul Weiss

Some favorites

Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson’s First Season by Jonathan Eig

Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy by Jane Leavy

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4 responses to “Resources

  1. Hi Shawn – great site. Congrats Peraps you might be kind enough to include these two books:
    Smith, PR (2008) Great Moments Of Sportsmanship, published by
    Newman, B (2012) It’s how you play the game, self publised – available on Amazon.

    Sample sportsmanship stories from my book + more information click the yellow bar (under th ebook cover) to read sample stories or click the BBC and RTE radio interviews to hear some stories.

    Perhaps we should ecchange links and cross post from time to time? See http://www.GreatSportsmanship.rg and

    Best wishes, Paul (PR Smith author)

  2. Philosophic Reflections in Sport (free pdf)
    The collection of essays in sport philosophy from the 35th Annual Meeting of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, which took place in Ljubljana, September 2007
    Regards, Milan Hosta

  3. Gealdine

    Hockey Fights and Violent Retaliation, December 20, 2013 was written by whom????

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