The Sports Ethicist Show: Hockey Fights

The Sports Ethicist Show airs tonight at 6 pm (Central) on Rockford College Radio.

Most hockey fans have heard the joke: We went to a boxing match but a hockey game broke out. Hockey is unique in its tolerance of fighting on the ice. In nearly every other sport, fighting is prohibited and punished by ejections, suspensions, and fines. In the NHL, the rules do not actually prohibit fighting and it’s punished typically only by a five minute penalty. Can this acceptance be justified? Or should the NHL move to restrict and prohibit fighting? The Sports Ethicist discusses the ethics of fighting in hockey with long-time hockey fan and best friend, Joe Danker.

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2 responses to “The Sports Ethicist Show: Hockey Fights

  1. Tammie

    Post-concussion syndrome is what you were looking for with injuries. Good discussion. I am a Blackhawks fan and enjoy the occasional body check. No serious injuries or brawls are needed for my enjoyment of the sport.

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  2. Tammie cowan

    I am a Blackhawks fan and know physical contact is part of the sport. I do not think it is unreasonable to follow the rules that other sports follow as far as violence. It all comes down to self-control and ability to work as a team.

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