New Philosophy of Sport Books

There are two interesting looking new books on philosophy of sport.

The Bloomsbury Companion to the Philosophy of Sport (Bloomsbury Companions)
Philosophy and Sport: Volume 73 (Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements)

I already have the Bloomsbury book and I hope to review it soon for this blog. On quick glance, it looks like a great companion. I especially like the electronic resource section (disclosure: this site and @SportsEthicist is listed).

Here’s the table of contents for “Philosophy and Sport: Volume 73” (borrowed from Philosophy of Sport blog):

  • Preface, Anthony O’Hear
  • Ways of Watching Sport, Stephen Mumford
  • The Martial Arts and Buddhist Philosophy, Graham Priest
  • Sport as a Moral Practice: An Aristotelian Approach, Michael W. Austin
  • A Plea for Risk, Philip Ebert and Simon Robertson
  • Not a Matter of Life and Death?, Anthony O’Hear
  • Sport and Life, Paul Snowdon
  • Glory in Sport (and Elsewhere), Timothy Chappell
  • Conceptual Problems with Performance Enhancing Technology in Sport, Emily Ryall
  • Is Mountaineering a Sport?, Philip Bartlett
  • Rivalry in Cricket and Beyond: Healthy or Unhealthy?, Michael Brearley
  • In the Zone, David Papineau
  • Olympic Sacrifice: A Modern Look at an Ancient Tradition, Heather L. Reid
  • Chess, Imagination, and Perceptual Understanding, Paul Coates

And the table of contents for The Bloomsbury Companion (From the Bloomsbury website):

Introduction, Cesar R. Torres \ Part I: History and Development \ A History of Philosophic Ideas about Sport, David Lunt and Mark Dyreson \ Part II: Research Methodology \ The Philosophy of Sport and Analytic Philosophy, Scott Kretchmar \ The Philosophy of Sport and Continental Philosophy, Vegard Fusche Moe \ The Philosophy of Sport, Eastern Philosophy and Pragmatism, Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza, Koyo Fukasawa and Mizuho Takemura \ Part III: Current Research and Key Issues \ Theories of Sport, Robert L. Simon \ Fairness and Justice in Sport, Sigmund Loland \ The Ethics of Enhancing Performance, Sarah Teetzel \ Disability and Sport, Carwyn Jones \ Sport, Risk and Danger, Leslie A. Howe \ Sport and the Environment–Ecosophical and Metanoetical Intersections, Ron Welters \ The Aesthetics of Sport, Stephen Mumford \ Sporting Knowledge, Gunnar Breivik \ Sport and Ideology, Lamartine P. DaCosta \ Competitive Sport, Moral Development and Peace, J. S. Russell \ Sport, Spirituality and Religion, Simon Robinson \ Sport and Violence, Danny Rosenberg \ Part IV: Future Developments \ Sport and Technological Development, Alun Hardman \ Conceivable Horizons of Equality in Sport, Pam R. Sailors \ ‘Spoiled Sports’: Markets and the Corruption of Sport, William J. Morgan \ Sport Philosophy around the World, Peter M. Hopsicker and Ivo Jirásek \ Part V: Glossary of Key Terms and Concepts \ Part VI: Resources and Careers \ Resource Guide, Emily Ryall \ Careers, Charlene Weaving \ Part VII: The Literature \ The Sport Philosophy Literature: Foundations, Evolutions and Annotations, Tim Elcombe, Douglas Hochstetler and Douglas W. McLaughlin \ Index


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