The Sports Ethicist Show: Diving and Cheating in Soccer

A new episode of The Sports Ethicist Show is available!

Diving, flopping, going to ground, whatever you call it, it is a controversial issue in sport, especially in Soccer. Is it wrong? What is the nature of the wrongness? Is it cheating? Mike Austin, professor of philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University joins Shawn Klein to discuss these issues.

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2 responses to “The Sports Ethicist Show: Diving and Cheating in Soccer

  1. Linda Klein

    It was suggested by a software engineer that this blog go on YouTube and try to get exposure on NPR. On YouTube after a certain # of hits you get paid.

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  2. John bird

    In slow motion things look like diving that do not look like diving in real time. Are we losing the capacity to view sport (a) in real time and (b) without technological interventions?

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