Nizkor (We Will Remember)

September 6 is the anniversary of one of the worst days in Olympic history: the 1972 terrorist attack by the PLO terrorist group, Black September, against the Israeli Olympic delegation at the Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany. On September 5, the Israeli Olympic delegation was taken hostage in the Olympic Village. Two Israels were killed fighting back during the hostage-taking. The next day, the remaining nine Israelis were murdered after a failed attempt at the rescue of the hostages.

Nizkor (We Will Remember):

The names of the Israeli athletes and coaches murdered in 1972 at the Munich Olympic Games:

  • David Mark Berger.
  • Ze’ev Friedman.
  • Yossef Gutfreund.
  • Eliezer Halfin.
  • Yossef Romano.
  • Amitzur Shapira.
  • Kehat Shorr.
  • Mark Slavin.
  • Andre Spitzer.
  • Yakov Springer.
  • Moshe Weinberg.

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