Spring 2021: Philosophy of Sport (ASU)

In Spring 2021, I will be teaching “Philosophy of Sport” again! I’m stilling planning out the specifics (suggestions welcome!), but here’s a brief look at some of the issues/questions we’ll examine in the spring.

FYI: This course counts for ASU’s Sports, Cultures and Ethics Certificate.

Course Description:

An inquiry into philosophical issues in sport. Topics and readings will vary, but may include: the nature and definition of sport, an examination of the main theories of sport, metaphysical and epistemological issues, and the aesthetics of sport. Since PHI 370 Sports Ethics examines ethical issues in sport, this course will not primarily deal with ethical issues.

Tentative Plan of Possible Issues:

  • The Nature and Definition of Sport:
    • Can we, should we, define sport?
    • How does sport relate to and differ from: play, games, art?
    • What are the main theories of sport?
  • The Rules of Sport
    • How should we understand and interpret the rules of sport?
    • What are the different kinds of rules?
    • How do referees, umpires, game officials relate to the rules?
    • What parallels are there to how we might understand law?
  • The Mind and Body in Sport:
    • What can we learn about the mind/body relationship from sport?
    • What does sport presuppose about the relationship of mind and body?
  • Epistemological Issues in Sport:
    • What, if anything, can sport tell us about the nature of knowledge/knowing?
    • What do we know when we know in sport?
  • Technology
    • How does technology change the ways we understand and engage in sport?
    • What role should technology have in officiating sports?

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