Ask The Sports Ethicist

Do you have a question about an ethical or philosophical issue in sport? Ask The Sports Ethicist!

In this regular feature of The Sports Ethicist blog, I will post and respond to readers’ questions. Each answer will explain the different takes on the issue from standard viewpoints in the philosophy literature, as well as more common-sense approaches (when appropriate). Lastly, I will weigh in with my own take.

How to submit a question:

  • Send your question in an email to
  • Subject line: Ask the Sports Ethicist
  • Include your first name, first initial of your last name, and your location.

Some Ground Rules

  • I will post your question as written: typos and all. So please write carefully and do not put any personal information in the question.
  • I will include in the post your first name and the first letter of your last name, as well as your location (unless you specifically request otherwise). I will not post, sell or otherwise release your email.
  • I will not answer questions that appear to be exam questions.
  • By submitting your question, you consent to my using your question on this blog (as well as for other usages: e.g. my podcast, in my teaching, etc.)
  • Not all questions will be answered on the blog.
  • I won’t be able respond personally or directly to individual email questions.



One response to “Ask The Sports Ethicist

  1. Gary b

    We are becoming conscience of artificial inhancement in many sports. It has become more than pain relief or a quick mending of a condition. What do we want in sport if genetic engineering goes to extremes.

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