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The Sports Ethicist Show: Diving and Cheating in Soccer

A new episode of The Sports Ethicist Show is available!

Diving, flopping, going to ground, whatever you call it, it is a controversial issue in sport, especially in Soccer. Is it wrong? What is the nature of the wrongness? Is it cheating? Mike Austin, professor of philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University joins Shawn Klein to discuss these issues.

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The Sports Ethicist Show: Work and Play

The error has been corrected! The podcast can be downloaded/listened to here:

The Sports Ethicist Show airs tonight at 6 pm CDT on Rockford College Radio.

How should we understand the relationship between Work and Play? Are they mutually exclusive activities? What about professional athletes who appear to be play for work? Shawn E. Klein and Bobby Fernandez, of and California State University-Fullerton, discuss these questions and more as they build off their recent papers given at the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport conference in September.

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A podcast of the show will be available after the show airs.

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